Thursday, April 23, 2009

Parsnips and leeks

Planted in the Putney field: We finished planting the leeks.  The last variety planted was Bleu de Solaize, an heirloom leek from France.
We also planted about 460 ft of potato seed, mostly Red Norland.  Some is seed we saved from last year's potatoes, some is new certified seed.  Long trenches are made, the little potatoes are placed a foot apart and covered with a little dirt.  Once they sprout and grow to about a foot high, they are covered with more dirt, even the green growing leaves.  Then they will get mulched with about a foot of straw on top.
We also went down the 3 long rows of garlic making sure the plants were finding their way out of the thick straw on top of them.  Garlic was planted last October.  We should have green garlic for harvest the first few weeks of CSA.
Gardens here at the house: Planted about 160 feet of parnips today.  These will be harvested 1 time for the last week of CSA. The rest are mulched and dug over the winter, with the final harvest in April 2010.  
We dug the last of the wintered-over carrots - got maybe 3 gallons of them.  They are so sweet!
I planted about another 200 tomato plants in the greenhouse.  The germination on the last 2 batches planted is spotty - possibly because of the cold weather recently.  Hopefully this latest batch will appreciate the warmer days coming up.
Beet seeds are sprouting.  A few asparagus spears are coming up!  
We prepared the ground for the pak choi transplants.
We planted kohlrabi seeds - a 70 ft row in between the 2 rows of transplants.
Bill turned compost piles.  I took some great steamy pics.  It smells so good, too!

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