Monday, April 6, 2009

Compost piles, barn, swamp in bloom

This is the barn on the south side of Loop Road with the roof gone.  It collapsed under the weight of snow in December. Twelve foot  2"x4"s on 2' centers lasted about 50 years but 2" of rain on top of 20" of snow was too much to bear. What a mess!  Steel, nails, wood all on top of hay and straw.  Mike and Bill spent days cleaning it up. We have the rafters and roofing ordered for the final repair.

2 pictures of beginning compost piles.  Bill composts on a large scale :-).  He adds already finished compost, rock phosphate, wood ashes, dirt, etc. and mixes the manure from multiple animals layered with straw and hay.  It decomposes to a really nice black dirt.  It gets spread on the fields and gardens.

We had an algae bloom on a small swamp pothole.  It's a beautiful green to see in the still-brown woods.

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