Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today we started planting the leeks.  We dig a trench and then use a tool called a dibble to punch holes another 5-6" deep inside the trenches about 5-7" apart.  Then the leeks, which have been growing since February in channel trays, are separated into individual plants and dropped in the holes.  They are watered to set them and wash a little dirt on them.  As they grow, the holes, and then the trench fills in and that's what makes the tender white part of the leek.  I would guess we got in about 250 feet or so this afternoon.  

We also planted 3# of onion sets.  These look like tiny onion bulbs, and will grow into onions quicker than any planted by seed.  We put some in to give you all earlier large onions.  We have about 1500 ft of onions planted so far, plus about 160 ft of scallions.

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