Thursday, April 30, 2009

Enough already

Rain, that is.  It's almost flooding over the island in the pond with the goose nest on it!  We had 3+ inches last week, and 1.4 inches today.  

I got out early before the rain and transplanted 2 flats of Red and White Russian Kale and Winterbor Kale ~ about 125 plants.  That makes about 200 ft planted so far.  The Tuscan Kale had poor germination, so I'll have to plant more seed.

When the ground is this wet, it is bad for it to plant or walk or do anything but stay off it!  

I transplanted purple scallions and Paris Island Romaine lettuce yesterday.  

Catie, Arie and I edged the long path from the house to the barn yesterday.  The chickens loved picking through all the sod clumps.

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