Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Season is over ~~ WHEW!

Another year, another bunch of tired farmers...
We hope you have enjoyed participating in our CSA this year! We have a few more shares to get out Thursday and Saturday, and very few next Thursday, and we have fulfilled our obligations to you all.
Please let us know how this year worked for you and if you are interested in participating next year. We will probably limit ourselves to 50 shares again, and hope to continue the delivery options. We've had more people from the White Lake area express interest, so maybe a delivery or drop-off will work there, too.
Sorry - no cauliflower this year, and jack'o'lantern pumpkins were scarce, but we feel like we did pretty well with most other veggies this year. We still have a late crop of broccoli we hoped to have ready for this WEEK 20. Ah well. If you 20 week share families want to email me and come pick up a head at Sweetwater Market in a few weeks, let me know!
Thanks for being a part of our farm!