Saturday, April 20, 2013

And just what are the Bobiers doing this year??

We've been getting calls and emails from you all, as well as new families wanting CSA shares this year.  Bill and I have decided we need to cut back and take a break from the responsibility of providing CSA shares, and growing so many acres of vegetables.  We both still work other full time jobs, and are now in our 60s and it was just too much work. We will really miss it, as we've enjoyed feeding people!  We've learned to grow more efficiently, extend our seasons, and eat better while providing food for 100s of others.   Most of the younger folks who have farmed here over the years will be growing for market.  Check them out.

We will still be farming!  Keeping 80 - 100 cows, chickens, and growing the hay and grains for them means plenty of chore and tractor time.  We will also still be growing a half acre or so of vegetables, with some possibly available for Market or sales off the farm.

It's actually a huge relief to NOT be responsible for providing boxes of veggies in a month, with Spring being practically non-existent this year!  We still have no onion plants or early crops planted outdoors.  We have some harvest from the hoop house, and plants started in the greenhouse, but nothing is growing like normal, and the ground is too wet and cold to even prepare for planting.  Please be patient with your local growers as they deal with this weather.

We are still at Sweetwater Local Foods Market on Saturdays from 9am - 1pm with beef, organic olive oil and organic and fair trade coffee.  There will be extra produce from time to time.  We will still do some sales at the Farm, too.

Remember, you all are capable of putting in a few chard and kale plants, some lettuce, a few pepper and tomato plants.  It's easier than you think!