Friday, April 10, 2009

More into the garden Thursday and Friday!

I was at a long birth for 2 nights and all day Thursday.  Bill and Mike planted peas - about 750 ft of shelling peas, snow peas and snap peas.  The pea fence is up, with 2 rows on each side of the 3 lengths of it.  We will plant additional rows on some of it in about 2 weeks in order to stagger plantings and have a longer picking season.  We tried 2 fencerows on white plastic this year - it warms the soil early, but then reflects heat when it starts to get summer-hot.  Peas are a cool weather crop.  We are hoping this also prolongs the season.

They also set out early broccoli, cabbage and kale, though the plants weren't hardened off and look pretty sad after the cold night last night.  Hardening off plants means they get exposed to cooler weather for about 4 days or so, rather than going right from the greenhouse (always warm) to the unpredictable wind and weather.  We usually harden off our plants by putting them in the hoophouse.  

We have had a lot of calves this week!  I think our total to date is 15 now.  All moms and babies are doing well.

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