Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Week 1

We have been picking salad greens and spinach since 8:30.  We don't have to start as early when it's cool and overcast.  The spinach and lettuces are all triple- washed and bagged.  They were very dirty with 2.25 inches of rain splashing on them yesterday.  These are not sold 'ready to eat', so will need another wash and spin before you eat them.  If you don't have a salad spinner, we recommend them.  We have a 3 gallon commercial spinner that gets a workout here!

The salad greens contain all kinds of lettuces, mustards, arugula,  beet greens, chard, red kale, and  Asian greens.  It has a little spice with the arugula and mustards, but hopefully only enough to add good flavor.

Head Lettuce is a Bibb/Romaine variety.  Crispy and tasty.  When I ate a leaf this morning, I could only describe it as tasting GREEN

Pak Chois can be eaten raw as salad or sauteed for a vegetable or  add to stir fry.  We washed aphids off them, but they probably need another good wash before eating.

The chives have flowered and can go in a vase or be eaten, all but the harder stems.  I usually pull out the flowers and then only eat the softer stems.

Green garlic is a treat we've only begun to appreciate the past few years.  We take all the small cloves of garlic left over after planting the large cloves and plant them close together in the Fall.  They are like large garlic-flavored scallions and are wonderful for sauteing and adding to any dish in place of garlic.

The parsley plant is Italian Flatleaf Parsley, the better-flavored kind.  It likes sun, and should be transplanted into a fairly large and deep pot as it has a long taproot, or directly into the ground.  You will be able to harvest the outside stems all summer and fall.

Radishes!  No instructions needed.  We grow these under row covers to keep the bugs out and off them.  Same with the Pak Choi.  The mustards and arugula are out in the open and have some flea beetle tiny holes in them.  The bugs are long-gone.

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