Friday, May 15, 2009

43 Shares so far

We have a handful of uncommitteds in addition to the 43 who have signed on for this season.  Please let us know which day you prefer getting your veggies.

Yesterday I transplanted some more celery plants, some beautiful colorful lettuces, some kohlrabis to finish out a 3rd row.  We started new flats of head lettuce and scallions.

Picked more mixed salad greens!  And radishes are ready about a week early!  I picked about a gallon  of them.  They should hold.  We have enough veggies ready to fill some shares this week for those of you who live closely, or who will be out of town Memorial Day / week.

Bill and Mike have the walk-in cooler done except for the door and shelving!  

I'm off to a conference in Grand Rapids for a few days.

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