Monday, May 4, 2009

Pruned raspberries and weeded about half of them.  Put in some new Rhubarb plants.  Transplanted chard into the 260 ft row that's already planted.  Also transplanted about 72 cauliflower plants.  Seeded into flats:  basil and dill, cucumber seeds.  Replanted the Green Arrow Pea seed.

Bill and Mike finished restretching the front pasture fence and the steers were let out on lush thick pasture grass today!  They look fat and happy!

The geese pairs hatched out 2 families. It seems that the hatch occurs every year at the time the dandelions are in the fullest bloom. Camouflaging the buff yellow fuzz balls. They are cute now, but won't be so cute when they are grown.


The island's goose nest
Exposed in evening's long light
Reveals white spent shells

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