Thursday, May 28, 2009

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Why belong to a CSA? 
The vegetables are insanely fresh: Outrageously crisp and gorgeous, they last muuuuuch longer in your crisper than grocery store produce.

You are directly, with no middle man, supporting the farmer that grows your food: A small-time, local farmer that needs that support. If you believe in "Buy Local", then Community Supported Agriculture is for you.

CSAs are usually organic, which is the superior choice where possible. Organic food has no pesticide residue (your neurons thank you) and has a higher nutrition value than conventionally grown foods.

CSA farms save you money, stretching your grocery budget and leaving money for other things.

It is like Veggie Christmas each time you open your fresh box of goodness, and if you have kids, this is an effective and fun way to get them excited to try new veggies.

Community supported agriculture farms usually avoid growing genetically modified crops, and they do tend to grow heirloom varieties of produce, as well as support efforts to preserve heirloom species from extinction (Mother Earth thanks you).

The variety of produce you receive in your vegetable boxes may have you trying new things, trying new recipes, and in general moving in a direction of eating more vegetables and gaining health.

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