Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Farm update

We've had a little rain. The hay that was ready got baled before it came. There's more cut and more still to cut.

1 new calf was born to Nudgie, an orphan raised by Catie and Ari from across the street. They have also added sheep to the Farm menagerie!

The irrigation system is almost set up - we'll be pumping water from the pond into the driveway garden. Everyone would have gotten summer squash this week if we'd had more rain last week.

The tomatoes and peppers loved the heat last week! Peas didn't. Neither did the rest of the Chinese Cabbage - It bolted and will all become chicken feed.

200 day old chicks were added to the Farm yesterday. They start out under heat lamps in a small space. 100 are for other families, but we'll get them started, especially with this cool turn to the weather.

Patrice will be selling prepared salads at the ROTHBURY Festival this weekend! It will be her second year there.

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