Sunday, June 7, 2009


These are the varieties we have planted this year:
Cherry & small fruited:  Tomatoberry, Juliet, red and yellow Pear, Sungold, Principe Borgese (also a specialty for drying)
Regular Red: Cosmonaut Volkov, Jetstar, Celebrity, Rutgers
Red Heirloom: Zogola,  Cuostralee, Italian Heirloom, Tappy's Heritage, Pantano Romanesco
Heirloom: Brandywine, Pruden's Purple, Kellogg's Breakfast (orange), Zebra (green & yellow striped), Aunt Ruby's German Green, Big Rainbow, Cherokee Purple, Mariana's Peace, Old German,  Omar's Lebanese (pink) 
Paste & Roma: Blue Beech, Speckled Roman, Rocky, Amish Paste, Opalka
Early:  Glacier, Taxi (yellow)

MMMMM, can't wait!  We ate our first ripe tomato from the hoophouse today.  

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