Thursday, June 11, 2009

Farm work the past few days

The whole early patch of potatoes were hilled and about half were mulched with straw.  We are out of straw now till more is mowed and dried.
Potato varieties:  Russian Fingerling, French Fingerling, Peruvian Purple Fingerling, Red Norland, Kennebec, Russett, Satina, Red Gold.

All the melons were planted:  transplants and seed.  About half of the seed planted early didn't sprout - probably because it's been so cold, and it's sensitive seed.

All the winter squash seed was planted.  Pumpkins, too!  Pie and jackolantern.  Rye seed was planted in between the rows to mow when it gets high enough to make some mulch / green manure.

The rest of the summer squash transplants were put in, as well as seed.  We have over 100 summer squash planted.  And would you believe we hardly ever get excess or overgrown squash?  We pick daily.  To fill 50 shares, we need 200 squash per week.  Think about it...

More lettuce mix was planted.  All the spinach is getting pulled out today and that ground will be prepped for something else to be planted.  Radishes were thinned.  Weeds were pulled everywhere - that's a constant upkeep job.

Leeks were hilled.  They are planted in 6 inch holes in the bottom of trenches and then hilled in order to get a longer white tender stalk.

Strawberries are ripe!  We have just a small patch for personal use.  

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