Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shares this week!

The mint is from Patti's mom and her family home in Ohio.  Use it for iced tea, mojitos, tabouli.  
Melons:  Petite Yellow is one of our favorites!  The cantaloupes are either Hannah's Choice or Halona (can't remember from the kitchen).  We also have Jenny Lind (a green sweet melon) coming on.
Tomatoes!  I'll post all the varieties soon so you can know (guess) what you are eating.  These early ones are mostly Glacier, and there are a few Taxis, Sungolds, Sweet 100 Red Cherries, and Juliets.
Sweet Peppers:  Any pepper loose in your box will be a SWEET Pepper.  Hot peppers that we put in your box will be in plastic bags marked HOT.  Our sweet peppers come in many shapes, sizes and colors.

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