Monday, August 13, 2012

How Do You Tell a Tomato Is Ripe?

Especially when it's green or pink or yellow or brownish when it's ripe?  Pay attention to softness, blush if it's not a red tomato, full-on redness if it's a red tomato.   Some of the Heirlooms ripen unevenly and keep green shoulders, or split as they ripen.   Softness is probably one of key signs of ready-to-eat. Read over the list of tomato varieties, too, as that will help.

Some of you have been forgetting your container of tomatoes at the Farm or at Sweetwater Market (not sure if that's happened at Fishmonger's, too).  Please remember to take them, and if you let us know you've forgotten them, we'll try to make it up to you.

Today's tomatoes: There are a lot of small, firm romas - Heinz variety.  They make great sauce or salsa as they are not juicy.  I love to make fresh tomato sauces once they are ripe.

If you are not a big tomato eater, you can roast and freeze them or dry them for winter flavor.


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