Monday, March 30, 2009

Long Day

2 more calves were born after Bill's update this morning - all is well with all of them. 8 so far, many more to go.

New calves are dancing
Springing on four legs like lambs
Sprinting, high tailing

I seeded a lot more in the greenhouse ~ the rest of the sweet peppers, more chard, cauliflower. Totals of a few things so far: 10 flats of onion and leek plants (300-400 plants per flat), 325 sweet pepper plants, 100 hot pepper plants, 160 eggplants, about 350 heads of lettuce and raddichio, 140 cabbages, 215 celery plants, 270 celeriac, 300+ kohlrabis, about 500 broccoli plants, etc etc etc.  Not all will grow into full transplantable plants, and not all plants set out into the garden will survive, but this gives you a little bit of an idea of scale here.  If there are extra plants we can sell them or give them away, too.   

I moved a bunch of flats of head lettuce into the hoophouse to start hardening them off, preparing for transplanting into the garden.  Can't wait!

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