Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gardens Update

We finally got rain!  We have most of the crops irrigated with either sprinklers back at the house or drip-tape under plastic in the fields.  Field crops without irrigation are potatoes,  some beets and carrots, leeks and sweet corn.  These crops have really been suffering with the drought.  Saturday's and Monday's rain brought about 2 inches.  We hope that's enough to save the sweet corn especially.
I picked the first of the peas last night:  snow peas.  We planted twice but had poor germination, so won't have as many snow peas as usual.  The sugar snap peas (edible pods) look great and abundant, and shelling peas look good.
The Kohlrabis and Pak Chois are done this week.  We'll hope for a fall planting.
The head lettuces have really suffered with the heat and are not nearly as nice as usual. We normally have great Romaine heads, but they have not developed like they should, and now just want to make seed heads.  We have some Anuenue coming - a summer heading crisp lettuce, as close to iceberg as we grow, only with more color and nutrients.  There's a little Sierra (crisp with red highlights) still growing.  More flats of head lettuce plants will be set out when it cools down a bit.
Tomatoes look good!  Eggplant and Peppers, too.  These crops love hot days.
The cucumbers are suffering from cucumber beetles eating their leaves, but they are starting to set tiny cukes, as are the summer squash.
Melons look great!
Onions and garlic are both doing well.  We'll have scallions soon for CSA shares.

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