Monday, March 30, 2009


Is complete! Last night when I went to check on them the calf was all licked off and the placenta was gone (eaten). The cow was lowing at the calf and acting like it was hers but not standing too well to be nursed. The calf, having been bottle fed twice (human mothers take note) was not sure that these other nipples were going to give him anything. He was obviously hungry and with help got a couple of mouthfuls. The cow kicked but stood long enough to squirt a little bit in his face. It was hard to leave him hungry overnite but this morning - wah lah! He was nursing and bumping her udder hard and she was standing very still. When let out of the pen  the calf was hopping all over the place and the cow was trotting after him lowing like a worried mother.
Another calf was born in the night - no problems. Whew. 

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  1. WOW lovely story way to go Saint Bobiers! I shared this with Lily and Peggy, we loved it! I'm so looking forward to any insights i can glean from this blog. (pun intended)